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In Line Safety were approached by Care UK to over see and manage the delivery of their remedial works, identified from the Fire Risk Assessments that had been carried out by their incumbent fire risk assessors. The brief was to go to site with the FRA and create a schedule of works that a contractor could then quote against, complete a tender process with three or more contractors, perform a tender analysis, and make our recommendations back to the customer as to which contractor offered the best value and best practise to complete the works. The final stage of the process was to run the contract and on completion carry out a full Quality Assurance check on the works ensuring they are suitable, sufficient and compliant with current regulations.

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Case Study


Care UK Case Study.

We were allocated the first few care homes to review the significant findings that had been reported from the newly completed FRA’s. During the process of our reviews we started to identify some reoccurring themes regarding the observations and recommendations made by the fire risk assessor. By streamlining our approach to these reviews and applying a practical and pragmatic approach, we were able to significantly reduce the recommendations for rectification works, but yet still deliver a property that was fully compliant with current regulations. These savings when multiplied across the whole estate amount to a very significant sum of money, far outweighing the cost of our surveys and reports. In Line Safety’s ability to achieve these savings is largely due to the fact that many of our team are far more than Fire Risk Assessors, they have an understanding of building pathology, some are qualified building surveyors, and many have years of experience in the construction industry.


This understanding of buildings and their construction plus many years of working with construction companies looking after their site safety requirements, puts In Line Safety in an advantageous position when it comes to

specification writing and drawing up bills of qualities and schedules of works. We have put this expertise into practice over the past 4 or 5 years, and we currently develop schedules of works from existing Fire Risk Assessments throughout the country for Care UK.

The Specification we draw up is so designed that a competent contractor should be able to quote for the works required with the minimal requirement for re-visiting site, so reducing the costs that are associated with that. In certain situations, they may be the requirement for larger works to be carried out such as to actually replacement of fire doors or install AOV’s. In some cases external building works are required such as ramp installations and the construction of pathways for Evacuation routes etc. In these situations, extra site visits are generally recommended as the contractor will need to attend site for purposes of measuring up and identifying logistical issues of running a  contract of that size.


Once the specification and schedule have been complied, Care UK require us obtain competitive quotations for the works required. The size of the contract will determine how many prices are required, this can be single sourcing for some minor works required, or obtaining three or four quotes for more extensive projects, some of which run into many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Care UK have a selection of approved contractors who we are generally requested to approach for obtaining prices. On occasions due to the contractors workload they are unable to supply quotations, or do not have the capacity to carry out the works should they be successful, we asked to make recommendations of contractors who could assist. In Line Safety have worked with numerous contractors over the years and we now have a few companies that we are happy to recommend if required.


Once all the quotes have been obtained, we complete a full tender analysis. This is a holistic review of each proposal, we consider specification, cost, capacity and suitability of each quote submitted. A spreadsheet summary is utilised to collate all the information and these findings are presented to Care UK for their decision as to who is awarded the contract.


The works order is placed by Care UK with the contractor, and In Line Safety are advised to start our multi stage Contract Management process.



Provision of pre-construction information

We help to develop the pre-construction information for Care UK’s Principle Designer and Principle Contractor, who will need information about what is to be constructed, the specific sites and existing structures and hazards that may be present such as asbestos, overhead cables, and services.



Sending out letters of instruction identifying who is to be the nominated Principle Contractor or Principle Designer on behalf of Care UK.


Design meetings

If required for more complex projects, we can attend any design meetings on behalf of Care UK to ensure that the brief of works is understood and that health and safety requirements for the project have been included during the design phase of that project.


Reviewing Contractors CPHaSP` under CDM 2015

We always ensure the contractors Construction Health and Safety Plan is in place and in line with Care UK’s health and safety policy.


F10 Notification

To submit F10 notification to the HSE if required.


On site pre start meeting and site inductions

We will attend site on the first day of works for larger projects to carry out site inductions with site operatives and to ensure that the Principle Contractor is completely clear on the specification and what works are to be undertaken and how they are to be undertaken safely in accordance with their risk assessments and method statements.


Site Safety audits / Inspections / incl. tool box talks and reports

For larger projects we are able to carry out unannounced health and safety site visits, give toolbox talks to contractors and to submit a detailed site report back to Care UK.


Variation Orders

Review, discuss and request as required.


Final Quality Assurance Audit and sign off.

To carry out a full, on site, quality control audit whereby we check that all work has been executed and completed to a satisfactory condition. Once we have been satisfied, we shall then issue a pictorial quality assurance report and certificate of satisfactory completion to Care UK.


If for any reason we are not satisfied with the works we shall advise you from site that improvements are recommended which will require the contractor to re-attend site and complete the works to a satisfactory condition. Once snagging works have been completed we shall re-visit the site again to carry out a further quality control visit to ensure snagging works have been completed to an acceptable level. The cost of the re-visit is to be incurred by the contractor, this ensures they have a vested interest in completing the works to a suitable and sufficient standard first-time round, and has been proven to be an excellent management tool.


Project Health and Safety file review

To receive and review the projects health and safety file and to submit to Care UK on completion of the project.


Final Accounts

To review final account submissions to ensure they reflect what actually was carried out on site. Once a successful quality assurance report has be submitted, a Health and Safety files have been received for the project, and we are happy with the final account submission, the we shall request Care UK for the settlement of the account.


During the pre-construction phase, construction phase, post-construction phase and QA, we supply a weekly update of all projects back to Care UK, this is in the form of management spreadsheet detailing all aspects of the contracts progress.


Our contract with Care UK is current and ongoing.