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Jennifer Begley

Health and Safety Consultant, Asbestos & Training Manager

I was fortunate enough to join the In Line Safety team back in June 2010, as their lead asbestos surveyor.  Since that time, I have grown within the organisation to take on further responsibilities. I am now also running our training department and take an active role within the construction sector of our business.

Prior to In Line Safety, and indeed my first employment after university, was with Connaught’s, as a trainee asbestos surveyor. I very soon grew passionate about this subject and it was not long before promotion was offered to me and I steadily climbed their corporate ladder within the asbestos department.

At university, I studied forensic science and upon graduating, I soon realised that a career in the Police and progressing to forensics was going to be an extremely long and protracted path. I researched other opportunities and found that if I applied my forensic skills in a slightly different direction, it could bring its own rewards. Hence my interest in asbestos and subsequently, Health and Safety, as my chosen career.

Away from work, I have many passions, one of which are shoes (the extent of which I can never fully let on to my husband) and another is travelling (the more unknown and untouched the place, the better it is). My main interest is writing and I have two novels currently published. These novels are the product of my vivid imagination, so when I spend time away from home due to work commitments, I have plenty of opportunity to put pen to paper and write them down for the enjoyment of many.