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Isabelle Lee

Office Manager

I have been with Inline Safety for just six months. My role involves being the person permanently in the office on a day-to-day basis. I organise the teams’ schedules, quality check their assessment reports, invoicing and generally keeping order in the office.

After completing my degree in History & Cultural Theory, gaining a First Class Honours, I worked, for a period of time, within the London Arts Scene on a magazine called make. This was an exciting time to be involved in The Arts and the year that Tracey Emin won the Turner Prize for her unmade bed!

That was my entry into the world of media publishing where I then stayed for the next 17 years. During this time, I undertook a variety of roles including pre-press production, sub editor, and content researcher. Also during this time, I met and married my husband and had two lovely children.

In the middle of last year, I decided to take the huge step leaving the world of publishing and everything I knew before I became too institutionalised! Luckily enough for Mike, this also coincided with his decision to create the new role of Office Manager.

In my spare time, I enjoy a weekly trip to the cinema with a group of friends and I have recently taken up running. I am also a foster carer for rescued Romanian dogs who arrive in this country with all sorts of issues and stay in our care until they are ready to be permanently adopted.